Coin Flip Deluxe – Pure coin flipping action by Green Jade


Boom Casino has just released Coin Flip Deluxe, one of the very first casino games from the up-and-coming game provider Greed Jade. The game is as simple and fun as it sounds: pick a side and start flipping to win instant cash prizes!

Heads or tails?

Coin flipping has been around since the conception of the coin. Whether you need to settle a quarrel with a friend or make a tricky decision, a simple coin can always be trusted to give you an unbiased answer. The innovative game provider Green Jade has just released a brand new game based on this timeless pastime. Coin Flip Deluxe is a coin tossing casino game where you bet on which side the coin will fall. It also offers a special edge bonus that can reward you with multipliers on your wins.

To get started, choose Heads or Crowns and select your bet. You can bet anything from €1 to €500 per flip. Once you’re ready, click on the coin or swipe up to send the coin flying. If the coin falls on your side, you will instantly double your money. You can then collect your prize or gamble it on the next flip for a chance to double it again. Just like in real life, the coin can land on its edge from time to time, and this rewards you with an extra bonus flip. If the bonus flip results in a second edge, a multiplier of between 3x-100x will be applied to the pot.

Coin Flip Deluxe’s gameplay is super intuitive, quick and an excellent alternative for those of you who love to bet on red or black in roulette. We will be bringing you more news on the creative games from Green Jade soon, so stay tuned!