Hammer of Fortune – A spectacular slot adventure


Help the young hero Brin save his village in Hammer of Fortune, a spectacular new video slot by Green Jade. Use your powerful hammer to unlock Loot Chests with instant cash prizes or up to 120 free spins. Learn all about this adventure-packed slot in this game review!

Use your hammer to unlock valuable Loot Chests

Hammer of Fortune is an epic video slot by Green Jade. The game features a colourful cast of characters, deep storytelling and rich dialogue. The story follows Brin, a young blacksmith apprentice who is on a quest to defeat the evil villain Gunnhild and rescue his village. You will be spinning your way through 20 unique chapters, meeting new allies and battling armies of trolls along the way.

Your powerful hammer is a central part of Hammer of Fortune, and it introduces an element of skill to the game. As you play, your hammer will slowly charge up and build power. When three or more Loot Chests are adjacent on the reels, you can use your hammer to smash the blocking symbols in order to line up the chests. The Loot Chests can contain big coin prizes or free spins, and six chests in a row can reward you with up to 120 free spins or an instant win of 10,000x your bet!

Since you can only use the hammer when its energy level is charged, you need to use strategy and planning to unleash its full potential. Do you use it when there are only three chests on the reels, or do you wait until there are four, five or even six chests for a chance to win much more? New chests pop up frequently, so it may be a good idea to save your hammer and use it when it really counts. Hammer of Fortune is a one-of-a-kind video slot that combines strategy and luck, and playing the optimal way could lead you and the hero to some incredible treasures.

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