Evolution’s upcoming release is a casino game unlike any other you have played. Crazy Coin Flip is a unique combination of a slot machine and a live casino game, and your goal is to qualify for the live bonus by landing three scatters in the base game slot. Read ahead to learn how to play Crazy Coin Flip!

Crazy Coin Flip rules and how to play

Crazy Coin Flip is a live casino game and a classic slot in one exciting package. A full round consists of three phases: the base game slot, a Top-Up slot where you build the multipliers, and the main live Coin Flip bonus round where you can win a great prize. In the following sections, we will break down each phase so that you know how to play and how to get into the Coin Flip bonus.

1. The qualification phase

The first part of Crazy Coin Flip is the qualification phase. To trigger the Coin Flip bonus, you need to land three scatters in a five-reel, three-row slot machine. You can also win regular prizes by landing three or more regular symbols in a line. Once you have qualified by landing three scatters, the scatter symbols’ multipliers are added together. This value is used to boost the multipliers in the bonus.

There are three spin modes to choose from. The normal spin mode is the standard base bet. If you want to qualify faster, you can choose to play one of the other spin modes: in the XXXtreme spin mode, you are guaranteed one scatter symbol on each spin at the cost of 5x your base bet. In the Super XXXtreme spin mode, you will always get at least two scatter symbols on each spin at the cost of 50x your base bet.

2. The Top-Up phase

Once you have qualified for the bonus, you will be taken to the against-the-clock Top-Up phase, where you can boost your multipliers for a chance to win bigger prizes in the bonus. Matching three blue symbols boosts the blue multiplier, and matching three red symbols boosts the red multiplier. Each collected multiplier is added to the corresponding color’s multiplier. You can spin as many times as you like before the timer runs out and the bonus begins.

3. The Coin Flip bonus

Finally, after qualifying and boosting your multipliers, the Coin Flip bonus game begins. You will see your red and blue multipliers on each side of the screen, and the live host will pull a lever to flip the coin. Whichever side of the coin lands facing up will be the result, and you will be paid according to the multiplier of the winning color. For example, if you have a 60x multiplier on red and the red side of the coin wins, you win 60x your base bet.

Crazy Coin Flip is a fast-paced live casino game/slot hybrid that can pay out massive wins when the multipliers stack up. Be sure to give it a go on the launch date on June 14, 2022.