Jade Puzzle – A strategic puzzle game by Green Jade


Use skill, strategic planning, and luck to win big in Jade Puzzle, a fun puzzle game by Green Jade. Climb the in-game leaderboard and win up to 9,999 times your stake!

Complete lines and earn skill points

Jade Puzzle is the latest skill-based arcade game by Green Jade, the innovative studio that has released ground-breaking casino games such as Spoils of War and Hammer of Fortune. The goal of the game is to use various shapes to complete as many lines as possible. Rack up skill points for a chance to get your high score to the in-game leaderboard!

Each game round begins with an empty 8×8 grid, and you start by placing three random shapes on the board. When all shapes have been placed, three new shapes appear at the bottom of the screen. By strategically placing your shapes, you create horizontal and vertical lines, which then disappear from the board and make space for new shapes. You earn skill points by completing a line, plus bonus points if you complete more lines with one shape or clear the board completely. The game is over when there is no more space left on the grid.

Win up to 9999x your stake in Jade Puzzle

As you strategically place shapes on the board, look out for the golden shapes. If you complete a line using a golden shape, you will be rewarded with an instant coin prize. Clearing golden shapes and keeping your streak going for as long as possible is the key to maximising your winnings. Jade Puzzle has a theoretical RTP of 95.08% and a max win of 9999.99 times your bet, so it’s possible to win really big!

Jade Puzzle can be a challenging game, especially if you are dealt a few tricky shapes in a row. If you don’t get the shapes you need, your streak can come to an abrupt ending. Fortunately, a rotate feature is available when you need some extra help. This useful feature lets you rotate one of your shapes, making it easier to find a fit for those difficult shapes. However, use it with care – you only get to rotate a shape once per every 300 skill points earned.

Get ready to test your skills in Jade Puzzle, available in our Games Lobby!