Two new and exciting arcade games by Green Jade


In this article, we will take a look at two exciting and skill-based arcade games by Green Jade: Spoils of War and Candy Wall. Practice your aim and reflexes and blast your way through the stage to maximise your winnings!

Spoils of War: a fast-paced arcade game

Spoils of War is a military-themed arcade game by Green Jade. You play as a tank commander whose mission is to break through the enemy lines and crush any buildings standing in your way. You are equipped with a powerful tank cannon that rapid-fires bullets towards the incoming enemies. Use your mouse or finger to aim the cannon and take down as many buildings as possible to win instant cash prizes. Each building has a number that indicates how many bullets it can take before it falls, and be sure to aim for the banks as they are worth more than regular buildings.

You can bet between €1 and €100 each round, and your winnings are based on how well you do in the game. The game is over when one or more buildings pass your tank, or if your tank is blown to bits by the enemy bazookas. Our best tip is to aim for the enemy bazookas as soon as they are in range, as they can destroy your tank quite quickly. Once the round is finished, your winnings are added to your account, and any missed money will go into the Skill Balance Pot which can be won in the subsequent rounds.

Candy Wall: shoot candy to win big

Candy Wall is similar to Spoils of War but has a lighter and sweeter theme. Instead of blasting your way through buildings, you will be using your Candy Shooter to blast through rows of delicious-looking sweets. Aim for the candy hearts to win bigger prizes, and take out the enemy candies that fire back at you as you progress through the level. If you manage to shoot your way to the end of the stage, you will reach an exciting bonus game with clusters of candy.

Ready your guns and test your skill in these innovative arcade games by Green Jade, now available in our casino lobby!