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Caribbean Stud for beginners part two: Strategies and tips


If you read the first part of our Caribbean Stud for beginners guide, you’re almost ready to take a seat and play your first hand. But before you jump into the action, be sure to check out our Caribbean Stud tips and strategies below.

Caribbean Stud tips and strategies

The aim of Caribbean Stud is to create the strongest poker hand using five cards, and the payouts are based on the quality of your hand. Since you can’t affect the cards you are dealt, what matters is how you play your hands. After the Ante bet has been placed and the cards have been dealt, you only have two options: folding your hand or placing a 2x play bet to keep playing. Additionally, you will only win the 2x play bet if the dealer qualifies with an Ace King or higher.

Although Caribbean Stud offers a lot of depth, most players follow two simple rules:

1. Always raise when you have a pair or higher

2. Always fold hands that are weaker than Ace King

By following this simple strategy, the worst hand you will play is A-K-4-3-2 – anything lower goes straight into the muck. To put it into perspective, you will play a bit more than half of all the hands you are dealt.

Caribbean Stud Poker has a high payout percentage of up to 98.19% on your total wager, given that you play your cards right. It is possible to win 100x your bet by hitting a rare royal flush, but the game’s highest payouts come into play when you place the 5+1 bonus bet. With the side bet activated, getting a royal flush will reward you with an instant prize of 1000x your bonus bet stake. Just keep in mind that the 5+1 bonus bet has a lower RTP than the standard play bet.

Caribbean Stud is a strategic and exciting casino poker game that will keep you entertained round after round. If you want to put your poker knowledge to the test, head on over to our live casino lobby and try out Evolution Gaming’s Caribbean Stud table. Here you can take a seat and go up against real dealers in an immersive casino environment. Good luck!