Did you know that slots have been around for more than a hundred years? Join us as we take a look at the fascinating history of slot machines!

The history of slot machines in America

By the late 19th century, gambling was a popular pastime in many countries. In America, people visited the local race tracks to bet on horses or gambling halls to play poker and other card games. The very first slot machine was introduced to the mix in New York in 1891. Made by a local manufacturer called Sittmann and Pitt, these mechanical machines quickly became a welcome addition to pubs and bars all over the city.

Of course, the machine was very basic and didn’t have the advanced features of modern slots. The machine consisted of 50 poker cards, and the goal of the game was to pull the lever and get the best possible poker hand. Since an automatic payout system wasn’t invented yet, prizes often consisted of free drinks, cigars, and other commodities from the bar.

Although Sittmann and Pitt’s poker machine is considered to be the earliest gambling machine, the first slot with automatic reels was invented somewhere between 1887 – 1895 by inventor Charles Augustus Frey. The Liberty Bell had five drums and five symbols, which included diamonds, bells, and horseshoes – symbols that are still used in modern slots!

The world’s first electronic slots

Slot machines have evolved a lot over the decades, bringing new features and concepts with each iteration. In the 60s and 70s, slot manufacturers began making electronic slot machines that could pay out coins automatically, and the iconic levers of the one-armed bandits were gradually replaced with buttons. In 1976, a Las Vegas-based company called Fortune Coin launched the world’s first video slot.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and the first online slots were created. We sure have come a long way since those early slot machines from more than a century ago, but the concept is still the same. We hope you enjoyed this brief recap of the history of slots.

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