Boom City is a brand new live casino game from Pragmatic Play and it’s available to play now. Developer Pragmatic Play has been building up its impressive live casino selection and has now created this exciting game with unique mechanics that’s a lot of fun to play. It shares some similarities with other live entertainment casino games, but it has some major differences too.

You can expect bonus features such as power-ups as well as three separate bonus rounds, all of which offer big winning potential. Boom City has a huge maximum win of 20,000x your stake, and it’s surprisingly easy to play. You can enjoy the game now here at Boom Casino or read on to find out more about the rules and Boom City bonus rounds.

The Rules of Boom City

Boom City takes place on a 6×6 grid containing 36 places, all of which contain a different outcome. To start the game, you select your stake from the options provided and then place your bet on any of the six betting options. It’s possible to bet on as many of the options as you like, and you can even bet on all six. These betting options are as follows:

  • Bronze – 12-13 spaces and awards a 1x payout
  • Silver – 9-11 spaces and awards a 2x payout
  • Gold – 4-6 spaces and awards a 5x payout
  • Dice Battle – Unlocks the Dice Battle bonus
  • Lucky Drop – Unlocks the Lucky Drop bonus
  • Boom or Bust – Unlocks the Boom or Bust bonus

Once you’ve placed your bet and the ten-second time counts down, the grid refreshes and is populated by the different options. The presenter then activates the dice platform, with two dice that steadily vibrate and spin before coming to a stop to determine the outcome of the roll.

The left dice determines which column is selected, while the right determines the row. For example, a dice roll of two and six would select the space on the second column and the sixth row. Whatever space is selected will result in any bets on that space being paid out based on the multiplier or activating one of the bonuses. It’s also possible to land on a Bust space, meaning all bets lose that round.

At the bottom of each column is a multiplier which will be used for the Power-Up feature. If the dice choose the power-up feature, all Bust spaces will be changed to Bronze spaces with a value between 20x and 50x. In addition, the multiplier at the bottom of the column will be applied to 24 random squares and a respin is activated. This can happen consecutively up to five times, but eventually, a winning space will be chosen, and any bets on that space will be paid out with a potentially huge multiplier.

Boom City Bonus Rounds

As well as the standard paying spaces, you can also bet on one of three different bonus rounds. If the dice roll lands on a bonus round that you’ve bet on, it will unlock for you, and you’ll get to take part and potentially win big prizes.

Dice Battle Bonus Round

For the Dice Battle bonus round, you start out by choosing either gold or blue. Each dice has three rolls, and whichever totals the highest number will win. In addition, the total is used as a multiplier, with both the winning and losing dice totals being used. If you backed the winning dice, your stake will be multiplied by the total of both dices outcome. If you backed the losing dice, your stake will be multiplied by the total of the dice you backed. It’s possible to earn a special Mega Win of 500x if the dice you back lands on a six three times.

Lucky Drop Bonus Round

The Lucky Drop bonus round features six columns, each one representing one of the numbers on the dice. Above these columns are stacks of multipliers, with the lowest at 10x and the highest at 200x. The initial multiplier is 5x, which is the lowest you can win from unlocking this bonus round. To play, all you need to do is choose one of the columns, and the two dice will then be rolled three times. When a number is rolled, it will cause one of the multipliers to drop from the corresponding column, increasing the potential payout. At the end of the round, your payout will be your stake multiplied by the total multiplier for the column you chose.

Boom or Bust Bonus Round

Boom or Bust features a new 6×7 grid, with a column for each number on the dice. The spaces of the grid are occupied by multipliers and Bust spaces, as well as special Level-Up spaces that allow you to move up a row. The game starts with a free roll of the dice, which gives you a safe multiplier. Even if you bust, you’ll still get a payout from this multiplier, but you’ll be trying to increase it to get bigger rewards. The higher up the rows you climb, the bigger multiplier rewards you can land on. However, there are also more Bust spaces that will mean you only win your safe multiplier. You can choose to cash out or continue for as long as you like, and the highest multiplier is a huge 1000x your stake.