Monopoly Big Baller is a brand-new live bingo game from Evolution Gaming, offering live casino action and the potential to land huge wins. Based on one of the world’s most popular board game and inspired by the success of their other Monopoly-themed games, Evolution has created this new and exciting spin on bingo.

Offering unique features such as different types of bingo cards, multipliers and a bonus round, Monopoly Big Baller is loads of fun to play. It was launched on 10th of August 2022 and looks like it could be one of the best new live casino games available. If you love bingo and live games, you’ll no doubt love what Monopoly Big Baller has to offer.

The Rules of Monopoly Big Baller

As with any game of bingo, the game starts with choosing your bingo cards. You’ll be able to choose up to four cards, but there’s a twist. There are two different types of bingo cards available, chance cards and free space cards.

Chance cards offer guaranteed multipliers, while free space cards have a free space, meaning you have a higher chance of making a line and winning a prize. You can choose which ones you want, opting to go for a mix of the different cards or choosing all of one type.

You’ll have a set time at the start of the round to choose your cards and place your bets. Once this time is up, your host, Mr. Monopoly, will pull a lever to add free spaces and multipliers to the numbers on your cards at random. There are three different types of multipliers:

  • Standard – The standard multiplier applies a multiplier to any win containing this number.
  • Line – This multiplier is applied if you win this specific line.
  • Global – Any win made on the card is increased by a global multiplier.

Once this round is complete, and all multipliers and free spaces have been added, the bingo machine is activated. Monopoly Big Baller features 60 numbered balls from 1-60, and 20 different balls will be drawn over the course of the game. If you have a match to a drawn number on your card, your card is daubed.

The more daubs you have, the more chances you’ll have of forming a line. Forming a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line is how you win a payout. Your payout will depend on your bet and whether there’s an active multiplier applied.

Monopoly Big Baller Bonus Game

Monopoly Big Baller also includes an exciting bonus game, which you can participate in by placing a bet on either 3 rolls or 5 rolls. When free spaces and multipliers are added to your bingo cards, some free spaces can also land on the 3 rolls and 5 rolls spaces.

If all of the numbers for either the 3 rolls or 5 rolls spaces are drawn during the bingo round, the bonus game will start once the round is over. The bonus game features two dice, which are rolled either 3 or 5 times, depending on which space is activated.

When the dice are rolled, Mr. Monopoly will walk around the Monopoly board, which you might recognize from the original board game. Different spaces on the board can contain random multipliers, which will be activated each time Mr. Monopoly stops on them. If he stops on a Chance or Community cards space, you can potentially win a cash prize, or you might have to pay a fee.

Other spaces include the jail space and “go”. Landing on jail will mean that you’ll need to roll a double to break Mr. Monopoly out. Passing “go” will double all of the prizes on the board, leading to some potentially huge payouts. Other features such as income tax and supertax may apply a 10% or 20% penalty to your final payout.

The bonus game continues until all of the dice rolls have been used, at which point your total prize will be added up. This will be your payout from the bingo game, plus any cash prizes multiplied by any multipliers that were activated.