Most of us gamblers are a bit superstitious from time to time. Whether it’s owning a lucky charm or betting on our birthday numbers on roulette, many of us enjoy having these small, insignificant rituals when we play. But there are also many common myths and superstitions about online gambling in general, and in this article we will look at a few of them.

Myth: The chance of winning goes up with every spin

We’ve all had play sessions where we just can’t seem to hit a really awesome win. Maybe you’ve tried hundreds of spins on Book of Dead without triggering the bonus even once or played against a dealer who miraculously gets a 21 hand after hand in blackjack. When one of these cold streaks happen, it might be tempting to double down your bet or keep spinning the same slot until you finally hit that “overdue” bonus. However, it’s important to keep in mind that casino games have no memory, and you are just as likely to win on the first spin as you are on the 500th spin. If you are having an unlucky session on a slot, it could be a good idea to try your luck on a different game instead.

Myth: New slots have higher payouts right after release

This is a classic slot myth that’s been discussed among gamblers for years. Some players believe that it’s easier to win more on a slot right after it’s been released, and that it becomes “colder” or have lower payouts a few weeks later. What is actually happening is that more players play the slot just after it’s been released, leading to more big win screenshots on gambling forums and videos on YouTube in the beginning. The game’s RTP or payout structure doesn’t change overnight, meaning that it’s just as easy to win on your new favourite game several months down the line.

Myth: Casinos can “flip the switch” if you win too much

This is a phenomenon that most gamblers can relate to. After hours or days of winning, it may seem like the casino flips a switch that suddenly makes you lose again and again. The myth is that casinos can control the games or lower the RTP to make sure that players don’t keep winning. Of course, this is not how it actually works. Slots and casino games are based on random number generators that ensure that each spin is random and fair, and it is impossible for casinos or game providers to predict or change the games’ outcome. In any case, it is always a good idea to cash out your money after winning big.