When talking about online slots, the terms RTP and volatility often arise. But what do these terms really mean, and how do they affect your gameplay? In this slot guide, we will explain how RTP and volatility work and what you should keep in mind when picking a slot to play.

How RTP and volatility work

RTP and volatility are two different things, but they both play a big role in how online slots work. Let’s begin by taking a look at RTP. As you may already know, RTP is short for Return to Player and describes the slot’s payout percentage. As an example, if you play a slot with an RTP of 96%, you will theoretically win €96 for every €100 you wager on the game. It’s important to remember that the RTP percentage is calculated based on millions and millions of spins, so your actual results may be much higher or lower over a shorter period.

Volatility, on the other hand, describes the game’s variance and payout structure. Slots with lower volatility may shower you with small and medium-sized wins constantly, while high volatility games tend to pay out much bigger wins – but less frequently. There are tons of slots on both sides of the scale, and most games are somewhere in the middle of the volatility range.

What to keep in mind when picking a slot

Choosing a slot to play should come down to what you enjoy playing, but there are some things to keep in mind when picking your next slot. When it comes to RTP, the rule of thumb is “the higher, the better”. The majority of online slots have an RTP in the range of 95 – 97%, which is very high compared to land-based slots.

For many seasoned players, the slot’s volatility is just as important as its RTP, if not even more so. Many new players tend to stick with low and medium volatility slots that can keep them entertained for hours without losing, while experienced players often want to chase those awesome 1000x+ wins on high volatility slots like Danger High Voltage or Jammin’ Jars.

At Boom Casino, you can check each game’s RTP percentage and volatility level by clicking on the game icon in the casino lobby, so you will have all the information you need to pick the perfect slot.