Be amongst the first players to try Cash or Crash, a brand-new live casino game from Evolution Gaming.

Evolution Gaming, the world’s leading provider of live casino games, continues to revolutionize the live casino industry. Most recently, the game studio launched a unique live casino game show: Cash or Crash. This multi-layered, multiplier-packed game will undoubtedly appeal to enthusiasts of live casino game shows who prefer straightforward, yet exciting gameplay. On top of that, Boom Casino is one of the first casinos to offer this anticipated game show thanks to our exclusive early access!

Flying High

Experience the adventure of a lifetime and see a bustling metropolis from a hot air balloon, while enjoying some fun live casino action with the chance to win big. At its core, Cash or Crash is a multi-layered, tactical game played with a ball-drawing machine — and there’s just one bet. The objective of the game is simple: climb the 20-step ladder-style paytable as high as possible. 

But what about the wins? Well, the higher you climb, the larger the cash payouts. You can win up to 50,000x your initial bet, so the sky is indeed the limit in this highly entertaining live casino game! Cash or Crash also offers a great Return to Player of 99.59%.

How to play Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash follows simple rules. All you need to do is choose your preferred chip value and place your bet, with stake sizes ranging from just €0.20/$0.20 and going up to as much as €2,500/$2,500. The ladder-style paytable will adjust and show potential winnings according to your bet.  

The game is played with a ball-drawing machine that houses 28 balls, 19 of which are green, 8 are red, and 1 is gold. When the bets are closed, the ball drawing machine will draw the first ball. The outcome of each round depends on what color the ball is drawn:

Green ball: moves you one step up the paytable.
Gold ball: grants you a shield, protecting you from the crash when the red ball is drawn.
Red ball: you crash and lose your winnings, unless you have an active shield.

Whenever a green ball is drawn, or after a shield is broken, you will be asked to make one of the following decisions: you can choose to continue to play with 100% of your potential winnings; take half and cash out 50% of your winnings (which means your initial bet and your potential winnings will be reduced accordingly); or you can take all your winnings and end the game round. Will you take all your winnings or continue playing? It’s up to you to decide!

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