In this casino guide, we will cover one of the most important parts of playing online slots: bankroll management. By using proper bankroll management, you will get more out of your play sessions and have more control of your budget.

The math of bankroll management

Implementing bankroll management is an essential part of being a smart and successful player. Managing how much you deposit and bet is responsible, and it can keep your balance lasting for a longer time. Below are two crucial tips for managing your slot-playing bankroll.

Bet sizing – how much should I bet?

Betting too high is a common mistake that new players often make. Remember that slots and casino games are highly volatile by nature – and if you stake too much per round, the session could be over before you even know it. When you play slots, a good strategy is to make sure that you can afford at least 100 to 200 spins with your current balance. For example, if you are playing with a balance of €200, you should stick to 1 and 2 euro bets. By using this strategy, you will extend your playtime and increase your chances of hitting a big win that leads to a cashout. Of course, you can choose to play higher or lower depending on the game’s volatility level. You can read more about that in our RTP and volatility guide.

Set a monthly budget

The number one rule of gambling is to set a monthly or weekly gambling budget. Decide in advance how much you intend to deposit over a month and stick to it no matter if you win or lose. An effective way of doing this is to keep a document or diary of your previous deposits. At Boom Casino, you can also set daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits on your account, which makes it easier to stay within your budget. It can also be a good idea to split your budget into several play sessions – instead of spending your monthly budget in one go, you could use it for multiple deposits throughout the month.

If you want to learn more about bankroll management and responsible gaming, check out our article on how to play safe.