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Lightning Roulette – An Electrifying Evolution on a Casino Classic


Last year in Vegas alone almost 2 million people enjoyed a spin at the roulette tables, wagering a staggering $300 Billion. Roulette remains a crowd pleaser and casino classic, but unlike other casino games, Roulette remained virtually unchanged for 200 years ….. until now! 

In 2018 Evolution Gaming introduced Lightning Roulette, an exciting twist on the age-old classic Roulette, that offers huge multiplier wins on a random selection of individual numbers on each spin. Lightning Roulette quickly became a hugely popular choice for roulette players across the globe and is now enjoyed by almost 300,000 players EVERY DAY. 

Winning at Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is a Live Casino game, which means you are betting on the outcome of real roulette table spin, streamed live to your device from a TV studio, and presented by a real live casino dealer. Lightning Roulette takes the format of classic European Roulette (single zero), but also features a race-track to easily enable section betting.  

Things get a little different once your bets are placed. Once bets are placed the Live Presenter pulls a lever in the studio that reveals between 1 and 5 randomly selected ‘Lucky Numbers’, to which a randomly generated multiplier (between 50x and 500x) is applied. If you have placed a straight up bet on one of the ‘Lucky Numbers’ then you stand a chance of winning big!  


You place straight-up bets for €1 on numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 (total stake €8). The dealer then pulls the lever to reveal 3 ‘Lucky Numbers’: 

17 with a 50x multiplier

33 with a 100x multiplier 

8 with a 500x multiplier 

Just as in classic roulette you will win if the ball lands in any of your 8 selected numbers. However, because of the Lucky Number feature in Lightning Roulette, a standard win on a single number pays 30:1 (wherein classic European Roulette it pays 35:1) which might sound like bad value, but you must consider the Lucky Numbers. If the ball lands on Lucky Number 8 your win is multiplied by 500, so your payout would be 1500:1 on this number – a colossal return compared to the 35:1 you’d have received in standard European Roulette. 

Why Play Lightning Roulette?

If you’re after the best overall odds then stick to classic European Roulette where the return to player (RTP) is 97.3% but the maximum win is capped at 35x your bet. 

If you’re more interested in the big win potential then Lightning Roulette really is the game for you – because you can win up to 1,500x your bet on any spin, whilst overall the game maintains a still very competitive 97.1% return to player (RTP). 

With 300,000 players enjoying the game globally every day we’re really confident you’ll love it too!