Did you know that you can explore a great selection of scratch cards at Boom Casino? A single scratch card and a bit of good luck can reward you with a huge prize. Check out our most popular cards and scratch away!

Try your luck with our online scratch cards

It’s probably safe to say that most of us have played a few scratch cards in our lives. So many people love the excitement that comes with scratching a card, whether in real life or online. Some scratch cards cost as little as a cup of coffee, but the lucky card can pay out enormous amounts of money. The low buy-in and high potential are what give scratch cards their timeless appeal.

Online scratch cards let you experience the excitement of a scratch card from the comfort of your home. You will find a wide range of scratch cards at Boom Casino, including the most popular ones from Hacksaw Gaming and more. Here are five scratch cards that we recommend checking out:

  • Scratch! Platinum: If you’re looking for the biggest payouts, you can’t go wrong with Scratch Platinum. The card costs €5 and has a max win of €500,000, meaning you can win up to 100,000 times your buy-in. Simply match three amounts to win a prize.
  • Lucky Numbers x12: Keep an eye on the three lucky numbers listed on each card. The goal is to match one of the lucky numbers to win the corresponding cash prize. Win up to €150,000 on a single card!
  • 125k Deluxe Scratchcard: 125k Deluxe from Probability Jones is four scratch cards in one. Each card gives you four chances to win, plus a bonus prize that can multiply your winnings. Matching three crowns can reward you with the top prize of €125,000.
  • Cash Vault II: Who wouldn’t love some extra spending money each month? If you manage to get the max prize in Cash Vault II, you will win €2,500 a month for 2 years. Each card costs €2.
  • Queen Treasure: This scratch card from Hacksaw Gaming costs less than a packet of gum, but can pay out big prizes. Use the scratcher and scratch the crowns for a chance to win up to €20,000 instantly.

Check out these scratch cards and many more in our games lobby!